custom fabric boards

How many times have you sat up before an exam cramming and trying to learn the whole syllabus in a week? Or in worst case scenarios a day before the exam? Pulling an all-nighter right before the exam is such not a good idea since you would not be able to memorize the syllabus in a night. Or even if you manage to pass, it would be with the bare minimum.

Sometimes we look at the brightest person of the class and wonder to ourselves how does he manage to get such good grades in each and every exam? How does he study or what does he do differently? Here are some tips to help you have an effective study session:

  1. You should opt for the pomodoro technique. Pomodoro technique is basically studying for 20-25 minutes and then taking a break for 10-15 minutes and then resume studying. This would help you learn better since our brain remembers information in small bursts. So rather than studying for long period of time, try this method so that your brain retains information.
  2. Try to explain your concepts to your friend or a class mate. This would aid you in understanding the information better since you will mainly concentrate on the important concepts. When you explain your concepts to someone else, it is highly likely that you would not forget it.
  3. Go to class! I cannot stress that enough. if you do your best and aren’t at the grade you want, it is because professors see you missed little/no classes they are more inclined to boost you up to the next letter grade or GPA point.
  4. Instead of taking notes while you are reading a chapter, keep jotting down questions. So once you are done with the chapter, you can see your list of questions and try to answer them yourself which would really test your memory. If you get bored pretty quick and want to spice things up a bit so that they look aesthetic, you can get our custom fabric boards and pin down your questions to it so that whenever you’re not studying and doing something else and your eyes linger over to the custom fabric board, you can actively recall all that you have learnt.
  5. Instead of making full thorough notes, write down the most important points to remember like definitions and key words after you’ve learned the chapter. This would help you stay focused on the most important aspects of the syllabus.
  6. The questions you jot down on our custom fabric boards earlier, you can create flashcards of the answers. You can create little flashcards and pin to the custom fabric board so that you see the answers every few days.

Apply these tips so that you can have the most effective study session of your life and score an A on your next paper. For further information regarding our custom fabric boards, you can visit our website or call us.