Are you or perhaps alongside your peers are planning the construction of a large building or project associated with large construction? If you are someone who is a layman, then it is possible if you do not know the main stages in planning, preparing, executing, and caring for construction for mechanical drafting. In this short article, I will explain seven important stages in a construction project.

1. Planning

Every project usually starts from the idea or plan and built based on the needs. Parties involved are the owner.

2. Feasibility Study

This stage is the stage when the project owner ensuring that the proposed construction project is feasible.

Activities implemented:

• Develop a rough project design and estimate the cost

• Predicting the benefits to be gained

• Develop project feasibility analysis

• Analyze the environmental impacts that would occur

Parties involved is construction management consultant.

3. Explanation

At this stage, the owner would explain the function of the allowable costs of the project for mechanical engineering services at Invent Design so construction companies and consultant planner can properly interpret the wishes of the owner.

Activities implemented:

• Develop a work plan and pointed to the planners and experts

• Consider the needs of the user, the location and the state of the pitch, plan design, cost estimation, and quality requirements.

• Prepare scope of work, schedule, and plan implementation

• Make a sketch with a certain scale in order to draw a plan and boundaries of the project.

Parties involved are the owners, construction companies and planning consultant.

4. Design

This stage is the stage to perform a more detailed design in accordance with the wishes of the owner as making the plans, specifications, budget planning, implementation method, and so on.

Activities implemented:

– Develop a project plan into a final settlement

– Checking technical problems.

– Ask for the final approval of the project owner


– Detailed design

– Working drawings, specifications and schedules

– List of quantity

– Estimated cost of the final

Parties involved are planning consultants, engineering consultants and value quantity surveyors.

5. Auctions

This phase aims to get a contractor who will work on the construction project, or even looking for sub contractors

Activities implemented:

• Prequalification

• Contract Documents

Parties involved are the owner, construction implementer services, and government consultants.

6. The aim at this stage is to create a building that is needed by the owner of the project that was designed by consultant planners within the constraints of cost and time that have been agreed, and with the quality that has been required.

The activities are planning, coordinating, controlling in the field:

• Activities of planning and controlling are:

– Planning and control

– Schedule implementation time

– Field Organization

– Labor

– Equipment and materials

• Activity of coordination

– Coordinating development activities

– Coordinating the sub-contractors

Parties involved are supervisor, contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers and related agencies.

7. Stage Treatment

The aim at this stage is to ensure that the building complies with the contract documents and all the facilities worked as it should.

Activities carried out are:

• Preparing data implementation, either in the form of data during implementation and execution of the image

• Investigating and repairing damages

• Preparing operational instructions / guidelines for implementation and maintenance.

• Training staff to carry out maintenance

Parties involved are supervisor, users, and the owner.

Thus some stages you should know before building a big construction project. Obeying these stages would help you to consider every aspects of your project without being stuck in any unprofessional work.