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Keeping people engaged is one of the most difficult tasks faced by event planners. There are several tasks involved in planning an event, such as balancing venue selection, sponsor search, and stakeholder management. Neglecting or failing to keep up attendee involvement in the run-up to an event is a typical mistake. Driving engagement at your next event can be easy and beneficial for both you and your guests with a little preparation and the proper event software.

Messages Sent through Push

Sending push notifications before to your event will keep participants updated. To keep your guests checking back and interested, promote speakers, vendors, advertisers, important event app components, or new material. Bonus points if you use the notification links to guide guests to the appropriate sites.

Prepare in advance by creating a document listing all scheduled push notifications and the times they will be sent to stakeholders. Then, using your event app, you can schedule your push alerts so that you can concentrate on managing the event.

Conversational Sessions

Work together with your speakers to plan events that are entertaining and interesting. Pre-event polls or questions that each speaker would want to answer should be gathered. To increase interest and participation, promote these sessions using event app push notifications. Combining this with the session bookmark function will enable your attendees to create a timetable that suits them.


Utilize well-established social media networks to generate discussion about your event app. Create interesting material in the lead-up to the event and distribute it on social media and on your event app in close collaboration with your sponsors, exhibitors, and invited speakers. To help advertise the event app and event, think about developing a hashtag. Finally, be original. An image is worth a thousand words, and a video is much more valuable.


Introduce gamification to raise the bar for your event. An event app leader board is a fantastic tool for increasing app uptake and engagement. By receiving points and rewards for completing tasks, attendees are encouraged to explore the event app and interact with other attendees. You’ll open up a brand-new channel for social interaction by creating a venue for friendly competition, which will aid in establishing rapport before the event even starts. There are also other possibilities to reward those with the greatest scores to further motivate your delegates.

Phone charging stations

Nowadays, it goes without saying that almost everyone owns a cell phone, thus it’s critical that your visitors and attendees have access to charging stations. It’s more advantageous than you would imagine to provide phone charging stations for event attendees to use. People at events with charged phones may tweet about, post a status on Facebook, and Snapchat your event, generating a buzz.

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