Recycling is not the exception anymore; it is the norm. People submit various unwanted stuff to be recycled. But most of the time they are unaware of what actually happens to them after being recycled. Do you ever wonder if they are being used again by someone? Here are some things you can do with your waste materials that will make them stay with you as useful additions even after you have chucked them off.

What are the items that can be reused?

Let’s take main elements that we throw out; paper, hardboard, metal and clothing. Another major waste is food. But it is easy to recycle food; use it to make compost. Especially vegetable cut-outs can be stacked up in a big compost-maker to be disintegrated with time and from the bottom of that container you can get the fertilizer out. Paper and hardboard can be easily recycled at any of these recycling plants; but if you are using it yourself, what about making those cute little stuff for kids’ handwork items? You can use empty toilet paper rolls, newspapers, other used stationary etc. for this. Used clothing which is still wearable can be donated; which are not suitable for donation can be cut in to small pieces and carpets or pillow cases can be sewn out of. Metal recycling should be done by professionals as that will include heating them to bend it. However as long as they are in “sheets”, you can use it for a metal retaining wall in the garden, in the balcony or as a perimeter lock.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Reduce means literally decreasing the amount of things you use. For example, do you really want two cars for a 3 member family? Or does your kid need all those books, notebooks, drawing books and so on? Reuse is using an item again and again as it is, or making use of it repeatedly to reduce waste. For example, you can buy metal cutlery instead of plastic ones which you can use continually at events or work. You can use a lunch box rather than wrapping food in a lunch sheet everyday which you will throw off. Recycle means an item or its components being changed to makesomething anew. For example, plastic bottles are made in to carpets and benches. Paper can be recycled to produce paper again. Whatever it is, just make sure you somehow contribute to reducing the toll on earth by taking all 3 or at least one of these steps.

Heavy duty items

There are some items which are difficult to discard and even more difficult to recycle. Plastics are a good example. There are various sorts of this and many household items are made of plastic and its derivatives. Concrete is another such material; it is used in construction and at times, a part made could be useless. But throwing it away is not an option due to its bulk and refusal to be recycled. If you can integrate those pieces in to a pathway, it can be blended in. Even can then do a simple concrete resurfacing Melbourne to cover the different parts and make it seem like an even surface. Earth is the only place for all of us to live in. We must protect it today for a better tomorrow for our children.