Life should be lived and not suffered. We should enjoy living and feel like we are living. Being human is all about dreaming and living a life you dream of. Sadly not many achieve it though. Many go through life as a tedious sequence of one phase to that of another (child, teenager, young adult, adult etc.) and we just live for the sake of living (dying is not an option). It is those dreams that make the difference between just living for the sake of living and enjoying life and living. If our dreams are taken away from us then we are nothing but mere robots or zombies. Dreams make us who we are.

Not all children wants to be doctors and criminal lawyers. Some want to be painter, artists, actors, musicians, baristas, sculptors, and journalist

Yes I agree that having a lawyer in the family will make bailing out, property lawyers in Perth at  FourLion Legal property dispute resolution, signing of contracts all easy and cost effective. Having a doctor in the family will make your health better and you won’t worry about standing in cues to get medicine when he or she can simply give you medication at home. But your children are not obligated to live life to make your life easy or cost effective. They have their own life to live and enjoy. How would you feel if your parents forced you to take up a field of study and a career you hate and isn’t good at and you are forced to engage in it for the est of your life? It would make you miserable wouldn’t it? If you won’t like it then you shouldn’t make your children do it too.

That is unfair. Sure, you want what is best for them and you worry about their future. Yes career choices mud be thought out well and you need a stable income at the end of the month to have a stable family and a life with family law lawyers. We think that if our son or daughter wants to join a local band and plus the guitar as his or her career that they will end up as street musicians begging pennies from people. No, first things first. Get rid of that living inside the box attitude and look around you. The most successful men and women of our time are those who dared to dream. The fact that they had to drip out of college didn’t dissolve their dreams. The fact that they were penniless didn’t stop them from dreaming. They got to where they wanted to GE to simply through sheer dedication, commitment and talent.

Don’t be that parent who doesn’t support their kids’ dreams. Be that parent who can recognize the talents of their kid at a very early stage in their lives and helps them to develop it.